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Chapter 54 Chapter 54

  • They were all seated around Scarlett was busy reading the emails, which was sent by Callie and Hudson, Jayden and Kay were listening to her. Every email she read made them more and more nervous as it explained each and every situation Emily Clarke had gone through during the last days of her life. Jayden eyes had turned red. He was old enough to know the loss of his parents but when he came to how they were killed his body trembled.
  • It was eight in the evening and still they were unable to find clues but they knew the suspected people so they had already started to track them.
  • The main characters were Jordan Brooke , Henry Adams, Joey Gilbert and Ray Reynolds.
  • Hudson was busy reading along with Jayden and his cell phone started ringing, he saw that it was from Logan, so he picked it up immediately.
  • “Mr. Brown where are you?” Hudson asked quickly and. He was scared that something had happened to him. He saw Jayden was looking at him with confusion and he gestured him to wait for some time.
  • “Hudson, we just drove to town, where are you and Callie? I want to meet her now.” Logan said eagerly.
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