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Chapter 52 Chapter 52 Honey stop struggling

  • We walked around the dim-lit grounds hiding around the bushes and waited for the car to arrive.
  • Rob was hiding just outside the gate and keeping a close watch and he had texted me that no one had arrived yet.
  • After waiting for nearly an hour three cars drove inside the estate and we saw that the guard was smiling at them as if they were his boss. The car drove towards the golf course and the guard did not stop him. I was seething with anger. Even dared to park my car outside. Who were they? I wondered and we started walking slowly after them. Making sure our shadows were not seen. Finally, the car stopped outside the old building and four men came out of the car. They walked behind the car and opened the boot and each of them carried big bags and went inside the building.
  • There were only four guards according to Rob and I had seen all four of them sitting near the gate. How could I have been so careless about the estate? It was my lack of attention that something illegal was happening under my nose.
  • I couldn’t breathe as I was really angry and Stella held my hands. Were these people using this old building for some illegal purpose, I wondered and tip-toed inside. This case was not so simple.
  • The building had many houses enclosed along the inside corridor and even if someone lit the dim light. Anyone standing outside the building won’t see it.
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