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Chapter 43 Chapter 43

  • Hudson, Callie, and Steffanie were sitting outside the ICU and waiting for the doctor to come out and tell them about the situation.
  • An hour back when Hudson had entered his aunt’s study and heard what she was telling Callie. He was very alert and told her aunt not to say anything about it till they were in some safe place as he had already seen Brooke and Reynolds at the party and knew they were a pair of dangerous men. Although he was very curious to know what his aunt had to say. He did not want to Jeopardize his aunt’s life. As if God was listening to their prayers they got a call from the hospital telling them that Wanda had suddenly become restless and was breathing heavily.
  • After informing her husband about it Steffanie drove towards the hospital with them.
  • While Jackson stayed back to entertain his guests but he was very worried about Steffanie’s safety and sent two bodyguards behind her.
  • “Mrs. Harris, your sister’s condition is stable now but we have kept her under observation for twenty-four hours so you can relax.” The doctor informed her.
  • “Steffanie thanked him and looked inside the ICU through the glass window and saw how fragile she looked lying on the hospital bed.
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