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Chapter 42 Chapter 42

  • Meanwhile Jordan came out of the villa and as soon as he saw Hudson and Callie walk in he was scared that Hudson might recognize that it was him who had attacked him at Jeremy Matthew’s office. His neck was paining like hell and he did not have the energy for any other assault, all he wanted to do was have a good night's sleep.
  • He made sure no one saw him leaving and called the chief of police Damian Bush with an unknown number and informed him about the break-in at Jeremy Matthew’s office and cut the call immediately.
  • He wanted to make sure that there was no evidence left about Logan Jackson’s case or the court might find him not guilty and he couldn’t afford to make that mistake. After he was sure that everything was okay. He planned to find him and set him free forever, as he was the only one who knew what had happened fifteen years back. Though he did not know about the whole incident. He was the key to that incident.
  • *****************************
  • Logan and Levi were standing outside the room where the woman was admitted. Dr. Davis’s attendant was busy making her eat the food as she had woken after up, after Dr. Davis had given her the sedative. He had checked her thoroughly and knew that she was on a high dosage of drug which could make the body numb and if the other person wouldn’t know, he or she would think that she was dead.
  • The woman was very smart, as in her defense she had eaten the pill and had blacked out. Which made the killer think that he had killed her.
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