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Chapter 56 Extra (18+)

  • ***
  • Shayenne watched her three kids asleep in their bedroom. She smiled to herself. It had been five years after her marriage to Shane and so far, not once has she regretted had decision.
  • She was a happy woman now. Her life was better. She had a loving husband that cared for her and three children that adored her. Her hurtful past was behind her. Josh was away in jail, paying for his offenses while her parents were endlessly trying to regain her trust and love. She thought of how miserable her life would've have been if Shane had not come to her.
  • "Honey??"
  • She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Shane call her from downstairs. He was waiting for her. It was their date night. Ever since they'd gotten married, whenever he had the chance, Shane would take his wife out on Saturday nights.
  • Shayenne left her children's room and rushed down the stairs to join her waiting husband. When he saw her, his breath hitched at how beautiful she was in her gown. He was proud of his wife and always showed her off as his most priceless possession. Shane fell harder for her as the years passed and that flame she'd lit up in him had never died down and only continued to burn.
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