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Chapter 33 – Unexpected

  • ***
  • The party went on great. I stuck with Keisha all the way. We ate, drank and even danced with a few handsome gentlemen. That took my mind of the garden scene and Shane for some time.
  • Anyway, I also noticed Shane and Sloane clung to each other throughout. They looked so perfect together. The bad Shane and the good Sloane. I envied them. I sat at a table with Keisha, admiring them at a distance. They were chatting and laughing with a different couple.
  • The way she giggled and wrapped her arms around him.
  • At a point she even kissed him. I felt my tummy turn. What was I thinking? They were for each other. He probably still loved her. But at the same time I believed he wasn't messing with my feelings. No. He couldn't. He was probably divided. It hurt.
  • I wasn't trying to destroy their couple. I just envied it.
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