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Chapter 29 – Freedom

  • ***
  • A few days passed by and I hadn't spoken to Shane since the night he was drunk. When he didn't call, I got worried. But soon he texted, letting me know that that week was a busy one for him. That was enough comfort and assurance.
  • I missed the dirty texting and chat from that night. I was beginning to feel odd desires for Shane. Which were wrong. I felt ashamed of them,yet I did not hate them. The only negative thing was the fact that Shane would probably never share the same feelings for me. Or worse again, he might marry Sloane. It seemed so obvious. I had to avoid these feelings of mine, these thoughts that Shane caused to appear in my mind. Else, I would remain frustrated for a very long time. Both psychologically and physically. I had to avoid inappropriate contact with Shane. But our friendship did not have to be affected. That was the best thing to do. Avoid sensual conversations and odd physical contact. I had no hopes of ending up with Shane.
  • ***
  • Keisha and I were at the huge cafeteria at school when I received a call.
  • "Who is it?" she asked
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