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Chapter 26 – Forbidden Fruit

  • ***
  • My weekend at Boston was cool. I got to hang out with my parents. Josh wasn't around because he'd travelled. I was somewhat happy about that. I didn't know how I'd face him, honestly.
  • Anyway, I had a good time and succeeded in getting Shane off my mind for some time. Of course I didn't tell my parents about the little problem Josh and I had. They would freak out.
  • --
  • I soon returned to manhattan and life went on. I attended all my classes and made sure to study hard. Luckily, it kept Keisha and I really busy. Another week passed by and that was when I couldn't take it anymore. In less than three months, I'd realized that I couldn't get rid of Shane because of the way we'd gotten close.
  • "Keisha?" I called
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