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Chapter 21 – Weaknesses

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  • The first month was almost over. I was left with four days to the next month. Josh hadn't called me since then. I tried my best not to think of him. I was still trying to get rid of my feelings. I just had to. I needed to.
  • Life went on not quite well for me. I missed speaking to Shane, though I still spoke to Sloane. It wasn't her that I had to avoid by the way.
  • Keisha made me meet a few guys indeed who all asked me out on dates. I did go on dates with them but none of them caught my attention. We ended up as friends most of the time. That's when I realized that Keisha had been right. Maybe I did have a crush on Shane.
  • He called continuously but I didn't pick. He even texted but I didn't reply. And when he'd come to our apartment, Keisha would lie that I wasn't around. It hurt but I had no choice.
  • I did that continuously for a week and a half.
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