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Chapter 15 – Determined

  • ***
  • After that night, Shane and I would meet more. He was so friendly and annoying at the same. You couldn't lie to him. Not at all. The more I tried to avoid him, the more he made me get fond of him.
  • -
  • One day after a class at TUOIFA, I was last to leave class. He'd taught us that day. He was still seated and was packing his stuff. I passed by and he held both my hands to my surprise. I turned to him. He looked straight into my eyes, his hands holding mine firmly, then said:
  • "Shayenne, I hope you consider me a friend. Something tells me you're trying to avoid me. Sorry to disappoint you if it's the case. When I appreciate something or somebody, I don't let it go easily."
  • That whole sentence that haunted my thoughts for days. He appreciated me? The thought had flattered me but at the same time I felt like he was still dangerous. A bad boy I thought of avoiding. True that I'd appreciated his comfort that night but I was being careful not to get too close.
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