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Chapter 66 EPILOGUE

  • "Uncle Theon! Mother told me that you and uncle Ambroz are married, is that true?" 
  • Theon was stunned to hear that and he even let go of the bow's string. The arrow hit the target on a whim and a man who was watching them was shocked himself. 
  • "W-w-what? Did she tell that?" He stuttered, asking and reassuring if it was true. 
  • It has been years, Mikka ended up marrying the man he loves which is Luca and changed her last name as well, it was an honour of their marriage. They had two adorable kids and now his nephews were bothering him without even noticing it. 
  • He was still with the chief's hold, still is one of the soldiers that train the juveniles. 
  • "She did and mother never lies, according to father. I'm curious, uncle. Please! Please! Tell me, uncle!" He started pulling his shirt and stretching it. 
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