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Chapter 65 Rubin And His Adorable Man (2)

  • "I thought if I accepted those sweets, then you would not bother me again. Why come back?" The man started the moment he saw him entering the barn.
  • Rubin felt quite pestered this day, so eventually, he said something out of his personality. "Why are you truly being egocentric? What's so wrong with me befriending you?" 
  • Even he was shocked to hear that from himself, but the man was expressionless. He let go of the shovel and run over to him. "You know why? Because rumours say that you are not good with your family and how you were in the past. I know who you are very well!" He exclaimed. 
  • After hearing that, Rubin stepped back. His heart ached but he just plastered the man with a fake smile. "I see, so it's about my past. Alright, I'll get going then." He handed him a box before going off and leaving the barn. 
  • The man stared at the box and he just realized what he said to Rubin. He felt guilty and sorry but he thought, ‘It's probably for the best.' But in fact, he never believed any rumours. Not a single rumour he placed his trust on when it comes to Rubin, after all, he already knew him even way back when they were youngsters. He could never forget about that and it makes him sad how Rubin seemed to have completely forgotten about it. 
  • He went inside their house and he was startled to see his father welcoming him at the entrance, glaring his eyes at him. 
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