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Chapter 60 The Wizards

  • ‘What was it like?' This question kept Theon's mind filled with melancholy in its clasp. Just wondering what every dawn was to him appears to have nostalgia coming along.
  • The sun that cast long before brought the night to them; a night filled with cacophonies, griefing noises, and thy side's wrath and anger. The feud ended and dawn came. But, through this dawn— The sun rises as a canopy of gold, bright amid the blue, bidding the stars to take their nightly rest. As darkness surrenders, every colour changes from tinges of charcoal to vibrancy. Through that dawn, was anxiousness and sweating pain. A pain where you wonder if one dies or lives. Raising through your expectations and starts to hesitate. 
  • Never in his life did he ever face such a dawn like this before. In which he was supposed to welcome the fresh breeze and spread his arms wide while facing the sun rising. 
  • However, he was facing someone who suffers. Someone whom he loves but is unconscious.
  • "Theon, what do we do? Now that the witch's gone, who exactly can remove this curse from him." Luca was genuinely concerned, even though he still don't know them completely. Especially, Ambroz. But knowing how this immortal man has lived. He must so strong to have kept himself intact up until now. 
  • Theon remained silent and had nothing in mind. He only ever thought of ending the feud but what exactly will happen with Ambroz. Is the curse still there? Is it gone? Then how come he is unconscious? 
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