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Chapter 59 The Salvation

  • "You think you overpower me?! You have no right and no place within my power. Not you filthy soldiers, you scoundrels from my curse, dragon, and not you Novak!" She each threw on her stare as her eyes blistered with violet— leonine and lupine, spreading her treachery vast.  
  • Her old cloak flew through the strong breeze she had undertaken. As the mystics of the night darkened and the moon was focused on her presence. Novak was on the ground as he struggled to stand up after that blow happened. 
  • "H-how dare y-you betray me?" Novak blurted out. 
  • Ravyn glared in his direction and forced his mouth to press close. "Silence you user! Do you think I will buy your whims? I serve no one but myself, you were a fool to trust someone who has more power than you have!" She exclaimed to the man. 
  • Even the soldiers were dropped to the ground as their bodies did not condone themselves. They were having it hard on their side to stand up. 
  • Theon was crumpled to the ground as he held his head which was throbbing from the fall. His right arm was thumping from the pain, it seems he hurt that part of his body and short bleeding occurred. He saw the dragon also lying footsteps away from him. He can tell it was chasing after its breath as his grunts and scrowl was heard. 
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