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Chapter 54 The Truth

  • The deaths, blood, and flames flooded the village that was now smoking within the darkness of the woods. Cacophonies with clamouring effects on the ground as the fire spread across the village. 
  • The people's whines and cries echoed throughout the village, splashing red liquids on their mouths as their bodies slumped on the surface. 
  • Everyone was dead, including Ambroz. His eyes widened as he saw the corpse of his beloved man. He was shaking, in fear that he lost the one who he wanted to protect the most. 
  • Ambroz, covered with blood, was dead!
  • "Hah!" Theon blinked his eyes open, panting and chasing for air as he woke up from his nightmare. 
  • Appeared to him was the brown ceiling above. Will walls on its edges. It was an unfamiliar sight to see when he woke up. It was unusual, perhaps, one would say. Every time he wakes up, he got used to the cave's walls and the face of the man he loves the most in this trapped world. 
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