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Chapter 52 Escape Route

  • "Theon, do you want to go to the river?" 
  • He never knew why the sudden request came out of the man's mouth first. He always knew how Ambroz was a numb man. Always clinging to nothingness while burdening himself into thinking that he is no longer human. But now, Theon felt that something was changing. However, he is not certain of what change has occurred before his eyes. 
  • He recalled that it was morning, the sun has only risen from the edge of the horizon. The sun rays came inside the cave caressing his face trying to wake him up from his slumber. 
  • "Uhh..." He groaned as his eyes split open. 
  • His back was throbbing and he knew why it was like that. He even awkwardly chuckled remembering what he did last night to the poor man in heat. He ended up embarrassing himself and reddened his entire face. 
  • "What am I thinking this early in the morning?" He freaked out. 
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