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Chapter 51 Behind The Face Of Truth

  • [Warning: R18+ contents ahead. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED]
  • "So that was it. After all this time you have all kept it from me. My family and even you did." 
  • Theon found out about the truth that was long held beyond him. When Ambroz was telling him his side of the story, the constant thump of his heart and disquietude from inside stung upon his body. Honestly speaking, it did not make any sense to him but the moment the story goes on, he realized it. 
  • However, at some point, since Ambroz's perspective was too mysterious and laid back. He still hardly understand what he can do to cure this curse. He is no sorcerer nor does he hold such powers of any sort. He believes that he is a pure human and it will stay that way. 
  • Knowing how tragic the history was for Ambroz. He thinks to himself, what form of pain did it embark on this genuine being who only ever wanted to keep the people dear to him safe and live in tranquillity. 
  • "I don't see any crevice for you to insert your conscience. I expect you to be mad at me and curse me all you want. After all, I failed to protect them all." Ambroz looked down and sighed heavily. 
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