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Chapter 50 Initially Landed

  • Chapter 50: Initially Landed
  • "Brother, mother is calling for you." Mikka interrupted her brother, Eliaz who was currently playing with his fellow youngsters.
  • They were all gathered around the forest, close to their village. Playing around with competitive duels, which they find very oddly fun. Their chief has thought them as young lads to always remember that strength is a need of one's body and mind, however, weakness is also fair.
  • It was yet but a day they would spend in a peaceful morning. Dawn has fallen into oblivion as the ground receives the decent heat it needs.
  • A little girl was asked to call her brothers for the food they should take in during the day. She is bothered, every morning and this is what she has to do. As a girl who lovingly obeys her folks, she does it anyway.
  • "Alright, alright, tell mother I'm coming."
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