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Chapter 49 Encounter Over The Evil

  • Chapter 49: Encounter Over The Evil
  • "What?" Elena couldn't believe what she heard.
  • After a long time, it happened again. 
  • "Believe us, milady! He was worse than before!" One woman exclaimed as she trembled in the sudden reminiscent of that horrible memory. It was oddly vivid. 
  • One woman tried comforting her by embracing her and shoving her in her arms. "It's true, milady. Ambroz was worse than before. He had horns and scales. I thought it was long forgotten about how he was misunderstood as a pervert imbecile, but what was that? What sort of a being was it? What creature touches the soul of that man?" She panicked as she stroked the hair of the one woman. 
  • Elena was speechless. How should she explain? That Ambroz was back to his curse? She long did plan out for a time like this to happen. But, there is this feeling of sudden anxiousness. As if something was blocking her. 
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