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Chapter 47 Who Are They?

  • Chapter 47: Who Are They?
  • "How did you know all of this?" Lyzelle's query echoed through the vast woods. Even some crows made a fuss and flew up to the sky. "Have you been watching us ever since?"
  • Ambroz gave the two a gore stare before shaking his head. "This forest is already been my domain, kid. Watching you climb up in an unrealistic way to lay as an accusation. However, every inch of movement you do in this forest is heard."
  • Now Hayden was even more frightened. He wondered how could a man this fearsome has been Lyzelle's mysterious uncle? And how does he feel their presence even when he is far? 
  • Lyzelle groaned and held Hayden's wrist, making the poor man surprised and was brought to a still. 
  • "Nevertheless, Hayden is a good man. He is a friend of mine and the same goes for Zynthia's friend. They are no foes." Lyzelle said in a serious tone. 
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