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Chapter 43 The White Witch

  • Chapter 43: The White Witch
  • Ambroz was fast approaching his cave when he even almost hit his head to a rock after his foot stumbled upon a pebble causing him to lose his balance but he was able to hold on to a support. He was starting to get even more anxious. 
  • "I-i was discovered— my existence has been displayed." His hands were shaking and his body was trembling. At the very center of his core was nothing but the anticipation to finally end this feeling. "What will happen to me? What will happen to these people?" 
  • He was still standing in front of the entrance towards the cave as he panic and thought of many negative assumptions towards many possibilities of those people getting in mad trouble once they will finally uncover what he is truly made of. 
  • Ambroz started to get evil images of death and flames. Distraction and shouts. It was the end. Just like before, this has been appearing to him once he gets nervous about things. Like a paranoid man. His hands were placed on his face as he had his eyes widened. Pants and heavy breaths, he was finding it hard to consume air. 
  • "No... No!"
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