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Chapter 42 Meteor From The Ocean

  • "This arrow, how can I get this fix!" Ambroz was currently seated on top of a tree branch holding his single arrow. It was the only thing left of his past. A single object that makes him remember his people and as well as his old folks. 
  • His brows furrowed staring at it for too long. Without noticing it, he groaned and leaned back. Not a single thought has come inside his head. The man heaved a sigh. 
  • "There's no use of thinking about it. Nothing works anymore." He said and covered the sun's ray with the use of his palm. 
  • It was just his hunch, but his head gazes towards the direction of the ocean. From where he is, it was covered by massive land and huge trees. He was unfortunate, he usually goes on tall trees to only see the ocean from afar— calming himself down with all the hatred he has inside him. 
  • However, he still went down the tree with no shoes on and began to run over to the tall trees he was just gazing at a few moments ago. With no care, he furiously sprint and did even flinch at all the curvy rocks hitting his foot and bruising it. 
  • Indeed, he was numb as a stone. 
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