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Chapter 41 The Darkening

  • Chapter 41: The Darkening
  • It has never been this dark inside the forest. The rain was pouring and rushing through the madness of the land. It came crashing as the droplets piqued the soil's souls. The obscure trees were soaked up with the salty water from above. Smoke uplifting throughout. The wind breeze howled upon the downpour, sending verses of eerie in the surrounding. 
  • The village was madly destroyed. Houses were burnt down and only wood was left of them. Hence, it was all ravaged and huge havoc was caused. Smoke was showing up as the droplets of the rain touched the fire. 
  • Across the forest was trees fallen down by the huge blow Aranyani inflicted. Strong ones stood still but the weak ones? Never left a root down the land. All were against each other's collapse, one after the other. 
  • And deep inside the forest, the same forest and land all the crisis occurred in, was a shallow place just below an average cliff. It was a cave, a huge cave connected to the grounds. A cave that will give you warmth when it's cold outside and cold when it's warm outside. 
  • Ambroz, he was inside a cave. Residing as the goddess herself summoned it as his new abode. No escape and nowhere to run. His flesh belonged to the goddess. As it was a punishment for not only ruining and causing flames forth but the distraction itself spread through the land that he failed to address nor did he fix it. 
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