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Chapter 39 The Heavens Welcomed Her

  • Chapter 39: The Heavens Welcomed Her
  • A loud crashing noise banged from the wooden walls of their house. Every being close by a glance at it. Maurelle heard it loud and clear. The shock in her face was as clear as day. Her heart panicked, even more, no more tranquillity stored as her head flew off to the sky, overthinking of what it might be...
  • But as her eyes struck the house, their house that was once lively and joyous was devastated by an enormous creature that appeared before their eyes. 
  • It growled and roared as it appears to be a serpent, a winged creature, with four sharp horns, pointy teeth, and black scales. Its wings spread wide as it kept roaring and the ground grumbled upon its clangour. It was loud and vast. It was a dragon, a dragon that they only have heard of in tales. 
  • The villagers and even Gwydion's men were stunned and all of their eyes widened from its mere sight. 
  • "It's a monster! Run!" A villager shouted and each one of them scattered while screaming their lives out. No one minded that they were in a war. All of their lives are at sake and staying there might just be the end of their lives. 
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