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Chapter 36 Behind It All

  • "I and the crew were heading to the river and fetch some fish for our wives but this chief, this disastrous and obnoxious scene appeared before us. We were so stunned, chief. That we had to head back as fast as we could." This lad was trembling upon uttering the reason for his call. 
  • Indeed, what disastrous and obnoxious it was. 
  • Way before the trees turned like this. Some were still unaffected by the plague. Now, it was madness.
  • Ambroz was shaking as he breathe through the dreadful pollution released from this occurrence. Never had he ever seen such a thing in his entire life. Instead of saying it was decayed, it was more of cursed and perished. Even the trunks seem to be vanishing some woods.
  • They roamed their eyes and saw not a single green-shaded leaf around. The sun was not even shining in and letting out its rays. Ambroz was petrified. Even his father from behind could never utter anything. 
  • He gulped harshly. "What shall we do? If the goddess feels this mournful aura, she'll absolutely throw a fit. We can not let this sit still." He gazed back to his father and was waiting for what he decided. 
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