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Chapter 33 Newly Reign Chief

  • The village has now turned their houses strong and built good. Cemented and even have their roads. It was not as huge but they were satisfied.
  • "Now, let us all give a round of applause to our new reigned chief, Ambroz Morozov, the only and only son of his chief Logan." Zergee, who was already at the age, exclaimed as he raised his hand with a fist.
  • "This day, my son will be the one to answer your calls, lending you a helping hand, and assisting you throughout the years he'll serve. With help from me and he'll a good ol' chief of this village. Let us all praise thee and thou you shall bow." His father Logan seconded the motion of Zergee.
  • It was in broad daylight, the sun gleamed in the entire village with its orange lacquered rays. It lay beside their skin and caressed it with warmth. The people were gathered in the centre of the village, again, just like the old times. The elders who witnessed it all happen felt nostalgia inside them. It seems as if it happened only yesterday. Not only nostalgic but also melancholic, it all went through so fast.
  • "All hail to our new chief! We are looking forward to the changes you will bring!" An old woman shouted at the back, she was proud to announce it herself.
  • Everyone heard her and grew a grin on their faces. Together they yelled, "All hail!"
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