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Chapter 31 Many Years Later

  • The loud blow of the wind's breeze inside the enchanted land of an interesting forest pushed through the wilderness. The rustle of the trees resonated with the muttering and chattering of the young youths. As the youngster was called out. They all went and headed outside their village. The parents fear not as they were accompanied by the chief himself and the crew.
  • "Listen and line up, the chief has a word to say!" Zergee shouted with his palm surrounding his mouth.
  • Logan, the referred chief, took off in front of them. He cleared his throat.
  • "Warriors, hunters, or fighters. On this day, you found yourself standing in the forest you were born in. You are here to wield skills. Never for wretchedly use. This is for self-defence and protection. We all have our sensitive spots, don't we?" The chief led his people to a statement. His hands were intertwined to his back, walking horizontally for everyone to bear in their mind his words of advice.
  • "Yes, chief!" They responded.
  • "Then, avoid drifting into a reckless fate that will lure you into the demise of your despair. Don't be a hell-for-leather, you hear me? We are all here to train, the treatment will not change, not even with my own son." Their eyes met. His father was after all the chief and he had no intention to be wholly lovingly around him. Way to embarrass himself.
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