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Chapter 28 Birds With Different Feathers

  • Maurelle walked inside the room and slumped herself on the bed. After working and helping with arranging and reconstructing the village. She felt breathless and sweat came flowing down from her forehead to her chin.
  • "What a tiresome morning to start." She whispered with her voice airy.
  • It has been a month ever since they arrived at this land, it may however be arduous for her, it was a remarkable month she spent. It was noon and they took a break from working. So far, they have created indeed functional things.
  • "I never would have thought that a day like this would come. Where I live with wondrous people, lend a hand to them, and spare my sweat. It finally feels like living." She smiled.
  • The houses that were filled with nothing but floors were now constructed with furniture such as tables, shelves, chairs, and even beds. The men worked with the wooden and logs. Their strength and strong stamina led them to create this. On the other hand, the women thought of something. Something inventive and ingenious to create pillows, bed layers, clothes, and even materials. It took them quite long to finally have an arranged place that they could continuously live in.
  • She was still laying on the bed when she heard arguing from the other side of her room. Mind you, the house she decided to live in was the huge one. It was the goddess gift to them when they first started living in the land.
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