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Chapter 25 The Pagan's Ritual

  • "You should head over first, Zalon," Logan said as he signed his hand directing inside that tree.
  • Logan's crew was too frightened to set foot inside. They never, not even once in a lifetime, seen a tree opened and spread its roots to lead into an underground. Although, they are indeed curious as to what lies inside that light colourful rays gleaming inside.
  • "Well, after you..." Zalon opposed with a grin on his face and offered them to enter first. "After all, it was you and milady that led us here."
  • The other pagans nodded and hummed in a deep voice.
  • "But you were the one to tell us about this. Isn't it only right for you to guide us?" Logan responded and raised one of his brows.
  • "I'll head in, folks," Maurelle exclaimed that stunned all of them. She had enough of their arguments that she decided to initiate the journey herself. These men are just getting into her nerves. Way to out a frame.
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