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Chapter 13 A Day To Spend

  • "Theon, didn't you say that my bow and arrow was rusty? Although, you also claim it to be as quite the murderer. Why let me teach you with this weapon?" 
  • Theon was taken aback by what Ambroz had asked him. In all honesty, he doesn't even know what to say. 
  • "Why do you have a lot of questions to ask? I just wanted to master it so that I can persuade you when the right moment comes. That's all." He responded however he was looking at other places. 
  • "Is that really all of it?" Ambroz looked at him strangely and eyes full of suspicion. 
  • "Yes." He assured.
  • "Persuade me with what? You mention that you'd stay until I am in some sort of life or death situation. Does this mean you want to fight along my side?" Ambroz asked him with his brow slightly raised.
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