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A Gamma's Revenge

A Gamma's Revenge


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Moon Stone Pack

  • Moon Stone Pack
  • Alpha Brad has been running his Pack for over thirty five years and he can’t wait for his Son to find his fated Mate. When that happens his retirement is close and he is looking forward to spending all is time with his Mate, Luna Hester. His parents travel to different small Packs at request of the King and he knows they enjoy their travels.
  • Alpha Brad made sure his Pack-members were raised the same way his Father had made sure his generation was raised, the law of the first born was to be up held and the Mate-bond was to be respected. He had seen it happen often that a female was pushed aside for her younger Brother to take over the Father’s position.
  • When a female was asked why she didn’t accept her birth right, they all answered they didn’t want to and till this day Alpha Brad still feels as if they had been under an Alpha command. That was something that wouldn’t happen within his Pack, Moon Stone Pack was known for having females in high-ranking positions.
  • Moon Stone Pack is the largest Pack after Mystic Moon Pack, the King’s Pack, and they could have been the Royal Pack if he had felt ready to enter the competition back then. When the Alpha of the Royal Pack steps down it doesn’t mean his heir takes over that title as well, every Pack gets the chance to win the title of Royal Pack during a competition.
  • Alpha Brad hadn’t found his Mate yet and his Father didn’t know how long he would still be running Moon Stone Pack, so they decided not to enter the competition. Neither one of them regretted the decision they made back then, but Alpha Brad knew there might be a chance his Son could enter the competition before he would take over.
  • He overheard a conversation between Alpha Roland of Dark Moon Pack and Alpha Chris of Blue Blood Pack, Blue Blood Pack is currently the Royal Pack and Alpha Chris wants to step down to look after his Mate who is fatally ill. Alpha Brad is convinced that with the future leadership of Moon Stone Pack it will be easier to win the competition.
  • The future Gamma is smart and knows how to take every precaution to counter any attack, he had seen it happen over and over again during training. Putting the future Alpha and Beta on their asses more than once and he always had to hide his laughter at the embarrassment his Son faced.
  • Luckily every Pup in his Pack was raised the same way and no one got angry when they got their asses kicked by Zalia. No one ever treated her differently because she is a female, they always listened if she pointed out where they made a mistake and most of our Warriors have grown because of it.
  • The moment they are on their way home Zalia bursts out cussing and swearing about the Alpha Daughters she met.
  • Zalia
  • “What the fuck is wrong with acting like an adult?” I ask as I look at Donovan and I know that Alpha Brad is listening to our conversation. “I mean, they act as if everyone owes them something and they act as if they are so much better than the rest of us. Did you notice how they talked to everyone that wasn’t of Alpha blood?” I ask and I hear Gibson growl.
  • One of the Alpha Daughters thought she could order him around, she tried to make him get her coffee and Gibson had told her to get of her lazy ass and do it herself. Which caused me and Donovan to laugh and that resulted in her calling for her Daddy, crying fake tears as if we had just beaten her to a pulp.
  • Alpha Brad had tried to talk to Alpha Mike in a normal fashion, but Alpha Mike had demanded an apology from us for making his Daughter cry and we had just stared at him in surprise. Donovan had actually apologized to her, but I flat out refused to do it and Alpha Brad knew better than to try and force me.
  • Alpha Mike was not aware of my temper and had gotten into my face, yelling at me to apologize to his Daughter, “Why the fuck would I apologize to her? She acts like a spoiled six year old, maybe you should have raised her better.” I had yelled back at him and Twilight nearly took over control when he raised his hand and he is lucky that Alpha Brad stepped between the two of us.
  • I would have kicked Alpha Mike’s ass if he had tried to hit me and Alpha Brad is very aware of that fact and that I would have been able to take him down. Donovan tells me to calm down, that it will be another two months before we have to face them again. “Okay, was it necessary to remind me of that. As if I am looking forward to spending four days with them and no way to get out of it or to get rid of the frustration by running border patrol.” I growl.
  • Alpha Brad asks if anything else happened today and Donovan gives him a look that should tell him enough about the past six hours. It started when we arrived at Onyx Moon Pack with the Alpha and Luna looking down on me, they didn’t realize I am our Gamma’s Daughter and they acted as if I was the help.
  • I was surprised when Donovan didn’t correct them, but I blamed it on their Daughter that was ogling Donovan and her relentless attempts to get him to go with her. We all knew exactly why she wanted him to come with her and I am grateful that Alpha Brad instilled a great respect for the Mate-bond in all of us.
  • Some of the Beta and Gamma Daughters tried to get Donovan or Gibson to leave the gathering with them, but neither one of them took the females up on their offer and I remember each and every disappointed face. I kept to myself during the entire visit, expect for my interaction with Alpha Mike and he nearly paid the price for all the crap I heard during the visit.
  • Some thought I was there because I am Alpha Brad’s mistress and some thought I was sleeping with Donovan or Gibson, none of them even thought I was there because I am Donovan’s Gamma. It will take a few more years before Donovan will take over from Alpha Brad, he needs to find his fated Mate first and Alpha Brad wants to give them a few years without the responsibilities of running a Pack.
  • Our Pack is one of the few Packs in our Kingdom that is a mix of Werewolves and Lycans, my family being one of the Lycan families that live in our Pack and that means that my sense of smell is better than that of Donovan and Gibson. However, they were also able to smell the scent of sex on most of the males and females that were present.
  • Something else Alpha Brad instilled on us at an early age, you don’t sleep with everyone that is willing and you certainly don’t sleep with someone from your own Pack. I never slept with a male, even though many have offered but I shot each and every one of them down and I might have punched a hand full of them for not taking a hint.
  • There is a downside to no one knowing I am the future Gamma of Moon Stone Pack, they don’t allow me to train with the members of the Packs we visit and that means I don’t have an outlet for my frustration during a visit. Donovan and Gibson go to the training grounds as often as they can, getting rid of their frustration.
  • I always envy them because I can’t even go for a run without a Luna or Alpha talking down to me, no one questions Donovan and Gibson when they take off for a run or some training. That is why I chose to keep to myself during a visit, because it causes trouble if I interact to much with those Bimbos and Assholes.
  • Another thing I hate about these visits is the fact that everyone tells me to eat less, I need the food to keep up my stamina and I need a lot of stamina for the patrols I run every day. I am a Lycan, it isn’t as if I will become fat and even if some of it sticks to my bones I don’t care.
  • Every Luna would tell me that I needed to watch what I was eating, that my Mate wouldn’t appreciate a Mate that ate so much and that my Mate wouldn’t like a Mate with a size more. Damn, a size more. I have a size six and damn proud of it, I don’t need to look like a stick.
  • Most of the Lunas are so thin I fear they would be blown away during a storm and still they complain about being overweight. During this visit though it was almost every female that made remarks about my food consumption and from the corner of my eye I had seen Donovan and Gibson laughing, but I thought they were just commenting on the females through their mind-link.
  • I am just glad that this visit is over, but unfortunately we have a meeting in two months and then I will be seeing a lot of those females again. I will also be seeing a lot of females that I haven’t seen in a long time and I know that some of them haven’t changed for the better, it would be saver to say they will have changed for the worst.
  • It is not something I look forward to, I never wanted to go the meeting in the first place. I didn’t have a choice though, our King demands that the future leadership of a Pack starts attending after the future Alpha turns sixteen.