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Chapter 278 Injured hand

  • The following day, Pei Shaoyu was aroused from his dream by his ringing phone. Worried his children would kick the blanket aside, Pei Shaoyu didn't sleep soundly and remained half-awake until daybreak. He barely caught any sleep before the call woke him up, so he was in a terrible mood.
  • As he picked up his phone, Pei Shaoyu frowned. His hand was swollen red as some pus leaked out. It was clearly infected...
  • He strode away from the children and took his phone out of the bedroom.
  • “Hello?”
  • Heng knew Pei Shaoyu was moody from his voice alone. Is what I'm about to say next result in boss throwing me off the thirty-third floor of Imperial Entertainment?
  • “Boss...”
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