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Chapter 276 An Ordinary Life

  • Jin followed Pei Shaoyu home after gaining a simple understanding of the workings of the Ximen family. Because they had already eaten at the Ximen residence, the twins were especially excited after they had returned home. This was their daddy's temporary residence, which meant that their mummy would not come here.
  • “Daddy, daddy, I want to go to the courtyard with brother...” Xin requested of her father.
  • Pei Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. Xin's usually a mischievous girl, so something must be up if she's acting so obediently. He then understood why the twins wanted to go to the courtyard.
  • “No,” Pei Shaoyu refused a request from the twins for the first time.
  • Xin's face fell while Jin smiled. He knew his father would disagree.
  • Pei Shaoyu explained patiently, “Xin, do you want to play in the pond?”
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