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Chapter 274 Lonely Children

  • Pei Shaoyu wasn't worried that his actions would leave a bad influence on Jin and Xin. It was only a matter of time before his children would see him act this way, and he felt that it was better sooner than later!
  • Once everything had returned to normal, Xin realized that her father had now shouldered the anger she had for people who insulted her brother. Although she was unhappy that others had attacked her brother, she felt blissful for having her father stand up for them...
  • She turned to Pei Shaoyu and questioned, “Daddy, where's his daddy? Why must he fight with my brother and me for our daddy?”
  • Pei Shaoyu patted Xin's head and smiled, “Liang's daddy isn't here, but daddy can guarantee that no one can steal your daddy from you.”
  • The people who were watching them raised an eyebrow in surprise. None of them had ever seen Pei Shaoyu act so gently before, especially to a child. Is this Pei Shaoyu really the same person who threw He Xiang out?
  • Finally, Pei Shaoyu brought the children to visit the Lei and Ximen families. The twins played around happily at the back of the car. When the traffic light turned red, Xin would stare at the children outside the window. It was the peak period for school dismissal, so several parents were picking up their children for school.
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