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Chapter 270 A Daddy Who Cares

  • He Nian wasn't used to him being so humble. Where has that domineering man gone? Instead of continuing the conversation, He Nian immediately shut the door, leaving Pei Shaoyu standing outside. He sighed and remained silent.
  • The twins observed their parents' interaction from afar. They felt bad that Pei Shaoyu's hand got hurt but did not go up to express their concern for him. Once Pei Shaoyu left, He Nian turned around and looked at her children.
  • She wasn't pleased with how Xin and Jin had gotten so close with Pei Shaoyu. She hadn't expected their father to manage to win their hearts in just a matter of days. She knew they went to look for Pei Shaoyu and was aware of the gift they had bought for him. What surprised He Nian the most was how fast the children had bonded with him.
  • “Come here, you two!”
  • Jin and Xin sheepishly walked closer to He Nian while tilting their heads downwards. “Yes, mommy...”
  • He Nian raised her brows and looked at the twins, “So you still remember I'm your mommy, huh? I thought you two forgotten about me and cast me away the minute you saw your daddy!”
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