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Chapter 243 Stubborn Man

  • The two men kept throwing punches as it they were putting on a mime. There were only two sounds in the air, one was when their fists met the other party's skin and bones, and the gasps from the people around them.
  • Pei Shaoyu punched Tang Jian again and again, and Tang Jian retaliated quickly as well. However, Pei Shaoyu did not seem to be his usual self and suffered quite a few otherwise avoidable strikes.
  • “Pei Shaoyu!”
  • Finally, there was a third voice at the corridor. Cheng Xue rushed up to them angrily. After receiving Dr. Ai's text message, she had rushed to the hospital immediately with He Xiang behind her.
  • Dr. Ai only dared to pull Tang Jian away when the time was right and Pei Shaoyu leaned against the wall listlessly. At the same time, Ximen Yi and Lei Jiandi made it to the hospital as well. In fact, Lei Jiandi was in his police uniform, looking more authoritative than ever.
  • “Pei Shaoyu, you better shape up! Is it worth it to be like this over a materialistic woman?” Cheng Xue was very angry, but she was secretly rejoicing inside as she did not expect He Nian to leave the very next day. Even though her son was not on his best behavior, it did not mean that he would always be like this. “Do you know that this woman that you are fervently trying to protect looked for me last night to ask for one hundred million? Not one million, or ten million, but one hundred million! Do you still want a woman like that? How can you get played out by a woman like this?”
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