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Chapter 242 He Nian Leaves

  • “Because I don't love you.”
  • Tang Jian was stunned for a while before he laughed out loud. His laughter echoed through T City's bridge, which sounded frightening and pathetic at the same time. He had done so much, some despicable and some good, all just to get this woman back to him. However, with just five words, he was pronounced dead to her.
  • I don't love you.
  • A simple yet useless reason, but so sincere at the same time. Because she did not love him, all that he had done had gone down the drain. Because she did not love him, it was a complete waste of his effort. Because she did not love him, she would definitely never return to his side.
  • “You don't love me?” Tang Jian stared at her with melancholic eyes when he finally stopped his pathetic laughter. “Don't you remember how in love we were? How could you not love me anymore after barely six months?”
  • “I really don't love you anymore. The one I love is Pei Shaoyu.” With a cold face, He Nian reached out to shake away Tang Jian's grip on her hand. She did not know when it had begun, but she knew that she had already stopped loving him. From the moment he betrayed her, she had taken back all her love for him. However, it was different with Pei Shaoyu who had already planted roots in her heart. “From now onwards, I don't owe you anything, and you don't have to do anything for me...”
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