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Chapter 237 The Rough Young Master Pei

  • He Nian had never seen Pei Shaoyu fly into a rage like this before. Though she understood why he reacted in such a manner, she did not have the courage to stop him! She was his wife, and being caught in such an situation was awkward. She could only sit aside and remain quiet.
  • “Mr. Pei, please let him go!” Wen Xiaoxiao reached out and grabbed Pei Shaoyu's leg, but he exerted more force on Tang Jian's cheek as if he really wanted to smash him to death! “Let go!”
  • Tang Jian felt the pain on his cheek, and the pain eventually became more intense. Soon, he felt something moist flowing down from his cheek.
  • Tang Jian did not utter a word, but he kept looking at He Nian. It was a dream come true for him when he kissed her on her lips. Despite the chaotic mess in the ward, he only saw her in his eyes.
  • A towering rage blazing in Pei Shaoyu's eyes. He gradually turned his head around and looked at the woman behind him. Her hair and clothes were still in a mess. On a cold winter night like this, goosebumps were all over her body parts, which were exposed in the air.
  • “Tidy yourself up, He Nian!” Pei Shaoyu let out another roar, which almost gave He Nian a heart attack!
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