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Chapter 236 Caught In Bed

  • “Nian...” Tang Jian mumbled. His body reeked of alcohol, but clearly, he was not completely drunk yet. What intoxicated him was not the drink, but the body in front of him. “Nian, I miss you...”
  • He Nian was stunned. She balled her fingers into a fist and tried to resist him. While Tang Jian tried to kiss her, she dodged him several times. Yet, some of the kisses still landed on her cheeks, ears, and even her neck.
  • Her body turned stiff. He Nian did not dare to scream out loud. If anyone saw them, both the Pei family and the Tang family would be in deep trouble! And then everyone would conveniently pin the blame on her!
  • “Wake up, Tang Jian! Wake up!”
  • With all the strength she had, He Nian kept pushing him away.
  • The body and its fragrance all seemed so familiar to Tang Jian. How many times had he dreamed of this? To be honest, he could not remember. Ever since he found out that someone set him up to break up with He Nian, he just wanted to win her back.
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