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Chapter 235 Holding Them Back

  • “Sir, are you alright?”
  • A nurse's voice jolted He Nian. She turned around and saw a gray shirt and a coat that was dropped on the floor.
  • “What happened?” He Nian was curious and decided to check it out. Tang Jian suddenly pulled her back and whispered gently to her ear, “Don't go. What if that person has a disease? Then you won't be able to see your babies for a few days.”
  • What he said alerted He Nian. In the end, she left with Tang Jian. Pei Shaoyu, who fainted at the other end of the corner, was admitted to the hospital. No one knew about it for almost three days.
  • The moment Tang Jian returned from the hospital, he was ready to face his family. Mrs. Tang hurled a teacup at him, but he did not dodge it. The cup hit right on his forehead and he started bleeding.
  • Shocked by Mrs. Tang's sudden move, Wen Xiaoxiao yelped a little. She immediately ran towards him and tried to wipe the blood on his forehead, but Tang Jian gently avoided her. She felt hurt.
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