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Chapter 233 Incessant Obstacles

  • “Did Shaoyu say this?” He Nian could not believe that Pei Shaoyu would say something like that. It was not her fault anyway, wasn't it?
  • He Nian could somehow feel those words did not come from Pei Shaoyu's mouth.
  • Cheng Xue did not give her a chance to continue the conversation and hung up on her right away. Tears started rolling down He Nian's cheeks. She stood alone in the house and held the phone in her hand, feeling absolutely hurt.
  • She began touching the children's clothes in the wardrobe with her dainty hands. Perhaps Pei Shaoyu did not know the babies were fraternal twins with different sexes. This was why everything they bought was for girls. He Nian could not believe a man who loved her and her children so deeply would dump her just like this!
  • She would never believe a single word they said! He Nian clutched onto the clothes tightly.
  • After closing the door and restoring the house to its original state, He Nian left home. She wanted to go and find Pei Shaoyu at Hotel Royale. If she could not find him there, she would make a trip to Imperial Entertainment.
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