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Chapter 229 A Crying Man

  • Pei Shaoyu waited by the doors of the operating theatre as the doctors and nurses entered and exited wave by wave. The nurses were bringing bags of blood in; all of them were extremely busy. All personnel had serious and tense expressions.
  • Halfway through the operation, Dr. Ai stepped out for a few minutes and addressed the crowd, “Mr. Pei, be prepared for the worst.”
  • Pei Shaoyu's body shook violently and he fell back against the cold wall. His face was drained of all colour.
  • Old Master Pei nearly fell over too, but luckily, Lei Jiandi had caught him in time. Cheng Xue's eyes turned red, and tears were about to escape her eyes.
  • “Damn it! Dr. Ai, get back in there and save her! I want both the mother and the children back safely!” Ximen Yi flared up, nearly beating Dr. Ai up. “How dare you call yourself the best doctor in the country? Go and save them, stop wasting time here!”
  • Dr. Ai frowned and ignored Ximen Yi, turning his gaze to Pei Shaoyu. He inquired gently, “Mr. Pei, Mrs. Pei is in a terrible state. I don't have the confidence to say I can save both of them, so I'll need you to give me an answer now. When the time comes, do you want the mother or the children?”
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