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Chapter 221 Shaohao Has Lost His Mind

  • “Ah...No, no...please...Shaohao...”
  • Shen Yirou looked extremely pitiful as tears continued to stain her cheeks. She even held onto Pei Shaohao's legs in an attempt to stop him from kicking her. Now that she was in the early months of her pregnancy, her fragile body would not survive if she miscarried!
  • “Ouch...”
  • Filled with fear, Shen Yirou could only lay on the ground as her body distorted in agony. A sharp pain shot through her belly as it churned and twisted, as though someone was wringing it dry like a towel.
  • Suddenly, she felt a wet sensation beneath her. Instantly, all color drained from her cheeks.
  • “Shaohao...Please, stop...”
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