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Chapter 14 Scenorama

  • When they left Hotel Royale, they were basically walking contradictions of each other. Pei Shaoyu had a grim expression on his face, whereas He Nian was relaxed and content.
  • The two didn’t say anything on the drive to the family mansion. He Nian’s heart started to race as Pei Shaoyu drove his Land Rover down a part of T City where not many would visit.
  • She was astonished when the words ‘Scenorama’ appeared before her.
  • “This is the Pei family’s mansion?” He Nian broke the silence.
  • “Yes,” Pei Shaoyu’s mood was still bad. Being looked down on by He Nian repeatedly left a toll on him, so he continued driving the car in silence.
  • He Nian was downright flustered. She knew the Pei family was well within the list of famous families in T City. Yet what she didn’t know was that even among the upper classes of society, there was a way to distinguish between the higher and lower classes. How would an outsider like her have known? However, she was extremely familiar with the hassling of the rich.
  • After parking his car, Pei Shaoyu turned to the woman who had been frowning silently since they entered the compound. “What’s wrong?” He asked.
  • “Pei Shaoyu, what on earth does your family do?” It was the first time He Nian asked a question seriously.
  • Pei Shaoyu stared at her. After some time, he finally opened his mouth and said, “You’re married to me, Pei Shaoyu, not the Pei family. You only have to worry about what I do, not what the Pei family does.”
  • He Nian was stunned for a split second, then started laughing. Soon after that, she slipped her arms under his, and before he could pull away, she asked, “Do you want to let your family see our emotional discord?”
  • Beside her, Pei Shaoyu stayed silent and led He Nian into the Pei family mansion, which was located inside Scenorama.
  • When they entered the mansion, He Nian followed closely behind Pei Shaoyu in obedience, inspecting the luxurious but low-profile surroundings.
  • “You’re here,” a quavering voice called out, followed by a light tapping of crutches on the marble floor. Just then, an old man emerged in front of them.
  • “Grandfather,” Pei Shaoyu called out politely as he stepped forward to support Pei Guobo.
  • “Grandfather,” He Nian followed suit.
  • Pei Guobo nodded vaguely, letting them lead him towards the direction of the living room, where Pei Lihua and Cheng Xue were already waiting there.
  • “How old is the child?” Pei Guobo directed a question at He Nian, interrupting Pei Lihua and Cheng Xue as they were about to stand up.
  • “Two months old,” Pei Shaoyu answered, with He Nian standing quietly next to him.
  • “I see, is the baby healthy?” Pei Guobo was still staring at He Nian, ignoring his family nearby.
  • “Very healthy,” He Nian responded without fear before Pei Shaoyu was able to interject.
  • “Young lady, how did you meet Shaoyu?” Pei Guobo quirked his eyebrows as if he didn’t expect anyone to dare to look at him straight in the eye, “I want to hear the truth.”
  • He Nian stayed silent for a couple of seconds before answering with a smile, “Grandfather, does it matter? Is it more important than the great-grandchild of the Pei family? Or does grandfather really care about the relationship between Shaoyu and me?”
  • The question was skillfully deflected back at Pei Guobo, which was a move so bold that even Cheng Xue was worried about her. As the head of the Pei family, Pei Guobo was someone who was able to shake the very foundations of T City if he wanted to. Am I just an ordinary old man in her mind?
  • But He Nian wasn’t stupid. She wouldn’t say that it was an accident meeting Pei Shaoyu out loud since Pei Lihua had said to them in private back then - he told them to stay cautious and not let anyone know about how they met. This was especially true when facing Pei Guobo. The only thing she could think of was deflecting the question back to him. If she were to make up a story, both of them might slip up and get caught, so it was better this way.
  • She knew that the head of the Pei family served in the military and was a retired general. Hence, she wouldn’t dare lie to someone of this caliber. After all, not everyone could be bullied like Pei Shaoyu.