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Chapter 12 You Are A Profiteer

  • “Do I look like I’m that poor?” Pei Shaoyu asked as he stopped dead in his tracks. He had a perplexed look in his eyes.
  • “It’s not about how you look,” He Nian stopped and caught a quick glimpse at him before picking up the pace again. She left him with a light-hearted remark, “It’s simply because I doubt your ability to make money.”
  • She actually meant what she said. The Pei family was one of the most distinguished families in T City, yet, the most famous custom within this family was that they never allowed the younger generation to take advantage of the older generation. Hence, He Nian’s suspicions were completely grounded. In addition to that, Pei Shaoyu had a temperament that was a bit too extreme, so naturally, what she said made sense. Or so she thought. What she didn’t expect was that her preconception about ‘Young Master Pei’ was going to shock many people.
  • The manager reached out to touch his nose. He didn’t dare to say anything and continued to lead the way. Pei Shaoyu pressed his lips together tightly and caught up with He Nian’s pace. He felt frustrated.
  • “You don’t even know if I can make money for the family, yet you still dare marry me?” He was interested in her daily thought process, “Aren’t you afraid I’m going to starve you?”
  • “Nope.” The manager halted, leaving He Nian to walk in on her own. Her hand unconsciously reached for her stomach and gave it a pat. “The Pei family wouldn’t starve me under these conditions.”
  • Pei Shaoyu’s face sunk. He felt as if she was just a superficial woman who wanted to take advantage of the Pei family.
  • “Young Master Pei, would you like to have the usual?” The manager asked politely. He was good at observing the words and actions of others. Even if he didn’t know who He Nian was, he could tell from his master’s face, and judging by how He Nian reached for her belly just now, he knew he shouldn’t mess up under those circumstances.
  • “Let her decide!” Pei Shaoyu hissed as he shot a glare at the manager.
  • “Did you really bring money? How much did you bring? Is it enough for me to order?” He Nian pelted him with questions when she took the menu. She was worried that Hotel Royale’s bills would crush Pei Shaoyu’s little self-esteem.
  • “He. Nian.” Pei Shaoyu was utterly furious. His brown eyes focused on He Nian alone, “Don’t worry. Even if you order everything from the menu, I have the money to pay.”
  • “Wow!” He Nian widened her eyes and mouth in an exaggerated manner, then continued bashing him, “The Pei family is so rich!”
  • “That is my money! It has nothing to do with the Pei family!” Pei Shaoyu wanted to strangle the woman in front of him. Do I look like someone who cannot even afford to buy her a meal? Does she think that I’m still spending my family’s money?
  • “Really?” After ordering a few dishes from the menu, she turned her gaze back to him, “Are you doing illegal things behind my back? Smuggling drugs? Selling firearms?”
  • The manager broke out in a cold sweat. He didn’t dare open his mouth, let alone leave the place. How could I leave with young master still here? Wouldn’t that basically be suicide?
  • “He. Nian!” Pei Shaoyu was on the verge of exploding. He had been taught from a young age to never get angry at women. This, however, was the first time he encountered someone like He Nian. Whenever he faced her insults, he wasn’t able to refute and got angry instead. “I am an honest businessman!”
  • “Businessman?” He Nian lowered her head and chuckled. She was in a surprisingly good mood. Recently, whenever she saw him getting mad, her mood took a turn for the better. “So you’re a profiteer.”
  • “You’re the profiteer!” Pei Shaoyu blurted out without thinking. This made He Nian laugh. How could this little brat be so cute? If only he were my little brother.
  • Pei Shaoyu looked at her and was distracted for a quick second. Her eyes were crystal clear, like two tiny galaxies holding an infinite amount of stars. Her lips were curved in a perfect arc, so perfect that he wanted to kiss her.