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Chapter 164 Karma

  • “Go and stay with your mommy. Protect her. Okay?” Bill whispered at Adam.
  • “Got it, Mister.” Without any hesitation, Adam replied excitedly. His friend was so considerate to give him what he wanted.
  • Adam ran off in Arabella’s direction. They hugged each other tenderly as they both missed each other so much.
  • “Oh my boy, are you okay?” Arabella asked worriedly.
  • “Yes, mom. Remember, I’m the bravest!” Adam wanted to give relief to his mom so he joked but deep inside him, he felt nervous and sad thinking every day about his mom. His concerns were all about her safety because all he wanted was to protect and make her happy.
  • “Silly boy!” Arabella messed up her son’s hair. Her worries faded hugging his lost son. At this moment, she swore not to let go of him again.
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