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Chapter 51

  • Mahnoor's POV
  • "Would you please stop that?" My voice came out as a plea. For some reason, I couldn't yell at him like I used to do at home when I was angry. But that didn't mean that I am not mad at him. It was his fault, he should have asked me about my studies before throwing me in front of a huge Dinosaur. 
  • "Stop what?" Moosa asked, putting his face in his palm. I left the bedroom and came to his study so I can concentrate on my studies, but he followed me here like a lost puppy.
  • "Staring at me." I scowl, but he didn't say anything, just smiled.
  • I was already not in my right mind to study anything. The horror of the incident that happened a few days ago was still fresh in my mind, I still shuddered whenever I think what would have happened to me if Moosa didn't rescue me on time and the questions I had are still unanswered. Well, this wasn't his fault. I was the one who couldn't bring up those topics. Not because I was scared or anything but because I lose all of my confidence and get extremely self-conscious whenever he gives me his full attention, just like now.
  • "I asked you to stop staring at me. I cannot concentrate." I said when he didn't quit.
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