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Chapter 50

  • Mahnoor's POV:
  • I pondered a lot for a long time as I lay on the sofa. In the end, this only brought me to the decision that I will directly ask everything to Moosa. There were many puzzles that are not fitting in any place. With an audible sigh, I got up and prayed Isha prayer. The whole time during prayer, I couldn't ignore the sting in my arm every time I moved it. Perhaps it was because of the shirt's fitted sleeve?
  • I think it is better to change it...
  • I stride towards Moosa's wardrobe and pulled out one of his favourite black button-up shirts. After changing into his extra large-sized shirt, I felt much comfortable and it also doesn't hurt much now. But the scent that was coming from the shirt was making me insane. I unconsciously turned around many times in search of him. 
  • "I think I really have lost my mind." I mumbled, looking at my reflection in the mirror.
  • 'Besides, you look hot in my shirt. You look like... Mine.'
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