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Chapter 43

  • Moosa's POV:
  • Closing my eyes, I aimlessly lay on the bed. After a long drive back home, I didn't feel like moving a muscle. If it wasn't for Noor, I would rather like to stay there... alone with her in peace, where I didn't have to deal with terrifying stares from everyone. I don't blame them for it. They are aware of my bad temper when I am sick. But today I didn't have time to get angry with their fearful stares or for giving me bread for breakfast as my mind was preoccupied with many things.
  • I was aware of the fact that Noor would accuse me of everything and we will be back to where our relationship started ... which I may not be able to tolerate anymore. She was finally starting to adjust to things and beginning to behave more like a normal person instead of staying like a prisoner. I wanted things to be better, not worse.
  • With a low knob circling sound, the door opened and Noor came in. I can tell by her scent and the way she walked or should I say tiptoes as she was walking into a lion's den. I felt her presence near me and then her hand on my forehead.
  • Is she trying to feel my temperature???
  • Her hand rested there for a while before it travelled to my hair. I couldn't stop myself from smiling and as soon as it forms on my face, her hand pulled away.
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