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Chapter 41

  • Mahnoor's POV:
  • Sitting in the living room, I was staring into space and praying that Moosa wakes up soon. Normally, he'd get up before me but I think he planned on sleeping more today. I didn't have any problem with his sleep but I am hungry and there was nothing in the kitchen to eat. Why did he bring me to such a place...?
  • Moosa's phone rang and I ran into the room before he picks it up and slams it into the wall again as he did once before. Shahina told me that he often does that whenever he is very sleepy or sick. Later, he tends to get angry at others for calling him.
  • He is really weird!
  • Since then, I put his phone at a table on my side of the bed because I am not capable of handling his anger and I didn't like when people destroy things like that.
  • 'Hello, Assalam o Alaikum!' I picked the call when I see Owais was calling.
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